Liana Lindgren, Reception

Liana Lindgren comes from a background in Human Health and Wellness. She holds a BA in Dietetics from The College of St Benedict and working in procurement immediately following graduation in 2004. After 3 years, Liana had the opportunity to study yoga and left for Honolulu in 2007 to study. She spent 5 years traveling, teaching and competed in 5 yoga championships before returning to Minnesota, where she met her husband, Curtis. Liana began working as a Health Unit Coordinator in 2014, after Amelia was born, but found working in Maternity extremely emotional for her. When the opportunity to work with animals at Southdale Pet Hospital was presented to her, she immediately lept at the chance. Liana, Curtis and Amelia live in Northeast Minneapolis with their cat, Ziggy Stardust.

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